Find Your Inner Peace

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Why Seek Coaching?

Clients seek services for a multitude of reasons.  Clients include individuals, groups and small organizations, some purely secular in nature and others more spiritually oriented.  Clients are looking to achieve:

  • Stress reduction and greater emotional control
  • Clarity regarding purpose and enhanced spiritual well-being
  • Getting unstuck and taking “right” action in moving forward
  • Improving relationships and communications with others
  • Better self-understanding and compassion
  • Embracing what is perceived as a good life to transform it into a great life
  • Peak performance and understand what is holding them back from this
  • Helping children feel more at ease and in greater control of their emotions and lives regardless of external circumstances
  • Understanding of their personality and motives and how they come across to others (through well validated (accurate) online assessment and follow-up discussions)

About Valerie

Valerie has been an international executive and life coach for more than 20 years.  In addition, Valerie has developed workshops for elementary and middle school children to help them understand stress, feel less anxious, and be in better control of their emotions.  

Valerie uses her years of experience, empathy and learnings to partner with her clients so they feel empowered to achieve greater emotional, physical, and cognitive well-being to thrive in all areas of their lives.  Valerie has extensively studied positive psychology and energy psychology and energy medicine approaches. She tailors these to fit her particular client’s needs in innovative and comprehensive ways that can bring immediate shifts as well as lasting changes for more constructive and uplifted ways of being.  It is about bringing heart, mind, and body into sync with each other.  Everyone has within themselves the ability to direct their lives in the most positive of ways but may not know or remember how to access those skills.  

    Our Services


    Very brief or require multiple sessions over a period of time depending on the client’s goals and where they are currently at in reaching them.  Payment may be per session or clients can choose to book groups of sessions at a discount.  

    Online Workshops

    There will be free online workshops & videos that are offered on a regular basis, as well as workshops that offer more in-depth training on a particular topics.  You can schedule private 1-on-1 online coaching with us.

    Small Group Sessions

    Clients may request specific workshops that can be fully customized or partially customized based on the client’s needs.  Costs vary as a function of the degree of customization, number of attendees and length of workshop.  

    What People Are Saying

    “Being empathetic and building trust is the first thing Valerie did, she is enthusiastic and the best in professional consulting with all the great qualifications, Ph. D. in Clinical Psychology and years of executive coaching experiences, we quickly got into discussing the deeper issues. “

    Junhong Z.

    Business Executive

    “Nunc consequat justo eget enim finibus porta. Suspendisse orci nunc, rutrum quis nunc sed, feugiat hendrerit massa. In cursus ornare sollicitudin.” Mike T.

    Marketing Specialist

    “She is always able to: make me laugh to lighten my load; make me feel strong when I am feeling weak and paralyzed; courageous when I was fearful; and refocus me when I let the negativity around me and self-doubt overwhelm me.  She is a careful listener and a wonderful adviser. “


    Studio Manager

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